PREPOSITIONS (Präposition)

Simply put, a preposition is a word which shows the relationship between two nouns or pronouns. There are several categories

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How to conjugate german verbs

Content in this post 1. Definition of conjugation2. The parts of a german verb3. How to conjugate all german verbse4.

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PAST TENSE: The German perfect/past participle tense

The German perfect tense is just one out of the three ways of making expressions of events that happened in

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German personal pronouns


When you hear of pronouns, the first thing that should come to your mind is that it is a replacement

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Lassen + infinitive

GRAMMATIK: What are the cases in German

Every sentence contains at least one grammatical case in German. These cases are either naturally occurring i.e subject & direct/indirect

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German articles

THE GERMAN ARTICLES: Understanding Der, Die, Das of Nouns

The German articles like those in English are not mandatorily used. But when used, they add life and definition to

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