German Alphabet

THE GERMAN ALPHABET: Vowels and Consonants

The alphabet of any language is the first step to learning it. It serves as its bedrock. The German alphabet

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Demonstrative pronouns in German

Demonstrative Pronouns In German

These demonstrative pronouns in German otherwise known as indicative pronouns, are used to point/ select out something or someone that

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Irreale Vergleiche

IRREALE VERGLEICHE: Als, Als Ob, Als Wenn and Wie Wenn

Irreale Vergleiche otherwise known as unreal comparison in English is one where the state of a person is assumed or

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The German alphabet phonetics

Phonetics Of The German Alphabet

The phonetics of every language begins with the pronunciation of their alphabet. In German, the phonetics of the vowels is

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Reflexive pronouns in German

Reflexive Pronouns In German

All pronouns play the function of replacing a previously mentioned noun or an already known noun in a sentence except

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Ways to use the Genitiv in German

Different Ways To Use The Genitiv In German

As explained in a previous post, the Genitiv in German is used to either show ownership/possession or measurement. Even so,

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Categories of German main verbs

HAUPTVERBEN: Categories and types of German main verbs

Understanding and properly conjugating German verbs begin with knowing their major categories and in this case, the subcategories of the

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