Learning a language that is originally not what you grew up speaking comes with its challenges most especially for adults. It isn’t quite easy but I’m sure it’s worth it.

German in particular is a “simple” and interesting language. “Huh! Did she just say that?” Yes, i just did! This might make you frown or raise a brow but it is what it is. By “simple” I mean it is very relatable most especially to English speakers like me. Of course I can not speak for those that are learning from a different language.

The first and most important thing in learning any language successfully is YOUR INTEREST. Having a high interest in the language you are learning helps to make the ride fun and worthwhile.

Secondly, you have to be OBSERVANT and INQUISITIVE with everything. Paying attention to every little detail helps your learning in such a tremendous way. German language in particular is full with a lot of opportunities to ask “why”. Asking why is actually a great way to kick start because this has a way of getting you excited and interested. It also makes you ready to learn more. Don’t just take everything as it comes. Ask why a verb is where it is, why there are so many articles etc., as every topic is unique.

Another important thing is learning THE RULES of that language. Memorizing the rules of a language is much more important that trying to memorize a sentence. If you know the rules you can become your own translator and perhaps a teacher like me 🤷‍♀️😃. For every topic there are guiding rules. These rules can override each other at every given point so it is also important to know the weaker rule from the stronger rule.

Also, you should TAKE NOTES of every new word you come across. Watching exciting TV Programmes, news, children’s cartoons and films would help broaden you vocabulary and sharpen your understanding. So make a list of every German word you come across with and contrast it to the meaning in your mother tongue (in this case English).

Lastly, in other to solidify all you have learned, you have to keep LEARNING and PRACTICING what you learned. Use it as often as you can and because it is a foreign language to you, you tend to lose or forget unused words.

Let me know in the comment if these tips are helpful enough! 👍